BLOOM’s View 2/2023

Recycling, durability and naturalness are the keywords for the second half of the year and characterize BLOOM’s Christmas trends 2023. With our suggestions and inspirations, we want to offer you new impulses and approaches in this regard. Cover Topics: Ideas for an autumnal floral fireworks display Christmas floristry from sculptures to table BLOOM’s Christmas trends … [Read more…]

Book „Green“

The book GREEN shows a wealth of floral inspiration for floristic design with the green of nature. Going through the seasons, from early spring to winter, master florists Klaus Wagener and Stephan Winzer show creative ideas ranging from small, practical implementations for everyday decoration at home to expansive, artistic productions of breathtaking expressiveness for representative … [Read more…]

Book „Evergreen Spaces“

They need neither water, fertilizer nor sunlight – artificial plants are becoming increasingly popular. They provide green freshness and a floral lifestyle at home, in the office and in public spaces without much maintenance. Thanks to the large selection of high-quality artificial plants and flowers, the scope for design is almost limitless. In this book, … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View Wedding 2023

The 2023 wedding season is here! Themed wedding celebrations are again more desired than ever. This offers florists plenty of challenges to offer something very special! Be it an all-round floral decoration with just one type of flower – for example: wallow completely in peonies! Or the ride to happiness with enchanting hydrangeas in abundance! … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View 1/2023

A new year begins and we all wish for a return to normality and a continuation of the activities and feelings of previous years. To this end, our new half-yearly magazine presents many new ideas, especially the new trends for 2023. All professionals in the floral market will thus find new inspiration and ideas to … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View 2/2022

When autumn is just around the corner, floristry full of seasonal charm and good salesmanship is in demand. We give creative ideas for wreaths from fruit branches to artistic objects with natural texture. But we also know one thing: Your fingers are already tingling when you think of the Advent and Christmas season. The BLOOM’s … [Read more…]

Book „News from the Nature Workshop“

After the bestseller „Nature Workshop“, Klaus Wagener and his wife Bernhild now publish „New ideas from the Nature Workshop“ as the second part of the nature workshop book series. Extraordinary natural materials, such as cattails, sorrel, rapeseed, thistles and more form the basis for creative floristic decorations.The focus is always on craft-oriented techniques. The book … [Read more…]

Book „New Ikebana“

New Ikebana - Traditional technique newly interpreted

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging. The florist couple Klaus and Bernhild Wagener present with 50 impressive arrangements, how to interpret this traditional art in a more contemporary, simpler and yet just as aesthetically way. The still lifes made of branches and flowers correspond with our modern living spaces, without sacrificing the … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View 1/2022

BLOOM's View Magazine

A new year means new beginnings, flourishing, change. More than ever, we need positive signals and motivation. The new floristry trends for 2022 point in this direction. Appreciation for our nature, our flowers and plants, and our floristic craft are clear indications.Easter will be very natural, dried flowers are very trendy. „Mystical forest“ shows the … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View 2-2021

We want to approach the upcoming season with a colorful and flowery autumn. But above all, the expectation and attention is directed to the upcoming Christmas season. With BLOOM’s View 2/2021 you will receive important industry information on the latest trends for fall and winter! After all, we all want to welcome customers to our … [Read more…]