Book „New Ikebana“

New Ikebana flower arranging
Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging. The florist couple Klaus and Bernhild Wagener present with 50 impressive arrangements, how to interpret this traditional art in a more contemporary, simpler and yet just as aesthetically way. The still lifes made of branches and flowers correspond with our modern living spaces, without sacrificing the appreciation for movements, shapes and the interplay of all components.
The bilingual work „New Ikebana“ with its full-page aesthetic illustrations shows the new, western Ikebana style based on simple, uncomplicated techniques with detailed background information and descriptions. 

An extensive service section focusses on the design rules as well as information about suitable vessels, techniques and complementary decorative components. A special book for florist professionals, design enthusiasts and all those who like to decorate with florals.