The name
BLOOM’s View World is the international lifestyle and trend workbook for floristry. It is monitoring developments in the international floristry scene and passing these findings on to you.

The design
BLOOM’s View World is published twice a year. The first issue of the year comes out in January and contains trends, ideas and inspiration for the spring and summer seasons. The second issue comes out in July and covers autumn and winter as well as the Christmas season.

From a floristry magazine to a floral designer’s workbook
BLOOM’s View World is much more than just a trade journal for florists. With its 176 pages and softcover in large format (23.5 x 33 cm or 9.25“ x 13“) it presents to the reader the entire splendour of floristic creativity in a particularly impressive way. It gives floral designers all over the world a valuable and comprehensive working tool that compiles the latest developments in the world of floristry.