About us

About us

Dear Business Partner, Dear Reader!

At this point we would like to give you a brief overview of the thoughts and actions of BLOOM’s GmbH, our activities so far, and our plans for the future.
We are proud of what we have achieved so far, although we are still aware that the most important tasks still lie before us. While in past years we have concentrated rather on development within the sector, BLOOM’s GmbH is now consequently increasingly concerned with the end-user.
Our actions have in the past, and continue to be based on the following guiding principles:
BLOOM’s GmbH activities are founded on the conviction that flowers and plants are an indispensable cultural element of life.

BLOOM’s GmbH is therefore concerned above all with the further professional and economic development of the “green sector”.

All BLOOM’s GmbH activities are founded on the firm intention of creating genuine benefits – both for business partners and for employees. The financial success aimed for with any commercial activity is for BLOOM’s GmbH an inevitable consequence of this thinking, and not its primary objective.
In addition to the greatest possible efficiency, fairness and humanity are the most important company principles, without which commercial activity would for us be inconceivable.
Our thanks for their co-operation go out to all our business partners and friends, who have helped us on our way so far with their confidence and business involvement, but above all with their many useful suggestions.

Our special thanks go to our both our permanent and freelance employees, whose dedication has at all times extended far beyond the mere fulfilment of obligations.
Together with these people, we look forward to our new tasks with anticipation and enthusiasm.
Creating benefits, moving markets.

Our partners in industry, horticulture and the wholesale trade, from organisations, associations, authorities and institutions not only place advertisements in BLOOM’s GmbH media, do not take part in special exhibitions or make use of our services “for the sake of it”. They all expect more.
Our partners and customers have confidence that their ideas and products will be incorporated into the highly complex BLOOM’s GmbH marketing system, which in all areas is directed consistently at the further development of the sector.

Because a retail trade in line with the times creates consumer acceptance, and therefore demand. The additional direct stimulation of the consumer with the aid of printed and electronic media will in future create the decisive impetus toward this aim.

A consistent and comprehensive marketing concept is the ultimate objective of our actions – from the idea to the product, and from production to the end-user – for the benefit of all concerned.
Whether by “push” or “pull” strategies, BLOOM’s GmbH releases new energies in traditional markets. This is something you can rely on.