Book „New Ikebana“

New Ikebana - Traditional technique newly interpreted

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging. The florist couple Klaus and Bernhild Wagener present with 50 impressive arrangements, how to interpret this traditional art in a more contemporary, simpler and yet just as aesthetically way. The still lifes made of branches and flowers correspond with our modern living spaces, without sacrificing the … [Read more…]

Book „I love Christmas“

Different creative Christmas decorations on four color themes and different living styles puts the book „I love Christmas“ in focus. The two florists Doreen Neumann and Michael Sutmöller present numerous Advent and Christmas decorations for your own home. The resulting ideas are new and innovative, but do not lose sight of the traditional. From Advent … [Read more…]

Book „Pure Style“

Where less-is-more and a slower pace are the lifestyle aims, floral decorations are going in a new direction. This reduced, purist style of designing with flowers and plants is presented in trendy interiors by Klaus Wagener and his wife Bernhild Wagener. Anyone with an eye for beautiful design, discerning creatives and designers of all kinds … [Read more…]