BLOOM’s View 1/2022

BLOOM's View Magazine

A new year means new beginnings, flourishing, change. More than ever, we need positive signals and motivation. The new floristry trends for 2022 point in this direction. Appreciation for our nature, our flowers and plants, and our floristic craft are clear indications.Easter will be very natural, dried flowers are very trendy. „Mystical forest“ shows the … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View 2-2021

We want to approach the upcoming season with a colorful and flowery autumn. But above all, the expectation and attention is directed to the upcoming Christmas season. With BLOOM’s View 2/2021 you will receive important industry information on the latest trends for fall and winter! After all, we all want to welcome customers to our … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View Wedding 2021

More than ever, couples are dreaming of getting married! So many brides and grooms, who have been waiting for months for „life after corona“ so that they can exchange their wedding vows and celebrate their wedding with all their friends and family. Not only event planners and organizers are predicting a big run on weddings. … [Read more…]